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"Advancing your products through Adaptive Technology"

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Adaptive Technology
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What is "Adaptive Technology"?

Over time we have put together a large library of electronic and software "building blocks" that can be easily adapted to various products. These "building blocks" are a robust, proven foundation that can quickly add sophisticated functionality to your products. In addition to technology building blocks, we have created many specialized hardware and software tools that enable us to finish designs more quickly than would be otherwise possible.

For example, suppose your product could be made better with an LCD display with a touchscreen interface. We have a few designs that use LCD/touchscreen technology, and we have a proprietary operating system with a GUI-style interface. We have tools that can create custom fonts on the new display system. Within several days, we can have a functional prototype of the "new" display and user interface module. We always develop any new technology with an eye toward re-useability - we do not re-invent the wheel.

We have existing designs for all of the technologies listed below. We can create a new "cut and paste" design in minimal time.

Technology building blocks:

Industries Served by MCDI's technology:

  • Embedded Microprocessor Designs
    • Motorola MC683xx
    • Motorola Coldfire
    • Motorola HC05, HC08, HCS08
    • DSP
    • Zilog microcontrollers
    • Intel x86
  • Real-Time Operating Systems
    • Custom RTOS for embedded applications
    • Extensive Linux experience
  • Analog Electronic Designs
    • Noisy environments
    • Precision measurements
    • High voltage
    • Isolated measurements
    • 4-20mA circuits
  • Power Electronic Designs
    • Heater closed-loop control
    • 50/60Hz phase control (SCR's)
    • Chopped PWM drivers
  • Sensor Measurements
    • Pressure
      • Load-cell type
      • Charge type
    • Temperature
      • Thermocouples
      • RTD's
      • Thermistors
      • Infrared
      • Semiconductor sensors
    • Force
      • Load cells
    • Position
      • LVDT
      • Encoders
      • Linear Potentiometer
  • Motor Controls
    • DC motor drive
    • Stepper motor drive
    • AC induction motor drive
    • Rotary solenoid drive
  • User Interface/Displays
    • LED/LCD
    • 7-segment
    • 1/4 VGA
    • Touch Screens
  • Networking Technology
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP)
    • embedded Web Server
    • RS-232, 422, and 485
    • Wireless
  • And of course...
    Whatever new technology you require in your product.
  • Auto Racing
  • Dynamometers
  • Engine Testing/Development
  • Power Generation (Electrical)
  • Emissions Testing
  • Military
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Trucking Industry
  • Vending Machines
  • Exercise equipment