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Micro Control Designs, Inc. (MCDI) creates state-of-the-art embedded systems that can take your products to the next level. We are much more than just a "hit and run" design shop - we manage every aspect of your product's electronic control package to ensure that your product performs in the field. Even the best design will fail to work in practice if even a few important details of design or manufacture are neglected. MCDI can ensure a smooth transition from initial design to product shipment, avoiding the "gotcha's" so common with electronic equipment.

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MCD1005 Bluetooth-to-serial module

Use the new MCD1005 Bluetooth module to give your product wireless connectivity. Communicate with any Bluetooth-enabled device from your embedded system, or use the MCD1005 as a wireless cable replacement. See the MCD1005 data sheet for details. MCD1005 Pricing
20 $149
50 $139
100 $129
100+ Call us for a quote.

The MCD1005 Evaluation Kit is an inexpensive way to try out National Semiconductor's LMX9820 chip. The Evaluation Kit includes:

  • An MCD1005 board, loaded with RJ-45 jack for serial communication.
  • AC adapter to power the MCD1005 board.
  • CD-ROM manual and documentation.
  • Serial interconnect cable
  • RJ-45 to DB-9 converter (for computer end of cable).

Some products we've enhanced

  • Industry-standard dynamometer equipment
    • Engine dynamometer measurement & control electronics
    • Chassis dynamometer measurement & control electronics
    • Towing dynamometer measurement & control electronics
    • Valve spring tester
    • Gas and diesel fuel-flow measurement systems
    • J1708 vehicle network interface
    • Engine cycle analyzers
    • Emissions dynamometer controls
  • Power generation test equipment
    • Army genset test system control electronics
    • Loadbank control electronics
    • Handheld display/control interface
    • Embedded web server for setup/control
  • Consumer products
    • LED/LCD displays (including color 1/4 VGA)
    • MP3 player with USB interface