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About MCDI
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Micro Control Designs, Inc. (MCDI) is a Colorado corporation focused on developing and deploying electronic data acquisition and control systems for manufacturers of industrial equipment.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, test, deployment, and support of industrial equipment, we can create custom control systems for your products. MCDI can design and deliver tested, semi-custom control units that you can "bolt-on" to your existing product. Our systems can add new features and capabilities that your customers need.

MCDI can collaborate with you to create new products that stand head and shoulders above what your competition offers. You know what the market wants - we can help you create a product with "must-have" features that your competition doesn't have.

We have a track record of creating successful products in industry. MCDI is not a "consulting" firm that designs a product and dumps it into your lap, leaving you with the difficult details of deployment. We handle the important design and manufacturing details throughout the product life, making sure the end product continues to be manufacturable, reliable, and bug-free.

  • Quality - We create robust designs from proven circuits, and then put the prototypes through rigorous testing to ensure that the designs will work reliably in "real world" conditions. Manufacturing details are important to quality; MCDI provides complete manufacturing documentation and can provide manufacturing support.
  • Speed - Our small-company atmosphere and large accumulation of proven designs gives us the ability to produce functional prototypes in record time. We do all design work in-house, including circuit design, prototyping, and PCB layout.
  • Cost - Creating a new product that raises the bar for your industry is expensive, and the expense is incurred before the first unit is sold. That's why we prefer to operate in a spirit of partnership with our customers. During the initial design work, MCDI only charges a minimal amount to cover our costs. During the later production phase, MCDI delivers tested boards at a pre-negotiated price. That way, we only make money when you do, and we have great incentive to make your product successful.

If your product can be improved with the application of an embedded processor to measure, control, actuate, and display data, then MCDI can help you create the products you've been dreaming about.

Contact us today - we'd love to hear about your products.